The dedicated Health & Safety Website of Naresh Kumar & Co. Pvt. Ltd. has been Officially and Publicly Inaugurated and Launched at the Half Yearly Iron Making Vendor Meet of Tata Steel on 30/11/2017 at Tata Steel’s Steelenium Hall at Jamshedpur Works Premises.

The inauguration was done by Mr. B.K.Das, VP Iron Making Div. Tata Steel, in the presence of Mr. Agam Kumar , Head Safety Continuous Improvement, Tata Steel and Mr. Sivesh Kumar Dy. VP Tata Workers Union.

Apart from the above, various respectable delegates of Tata Steel like Mr. K, Satyanarayana, Manager Training Corporate Safety, Tata Steel, Mr. Surjit Sinha Chief of Agglomerates, Mr. A.N.Thakur, Head of Raw Material Div. Tata Steel & Mr. Arijit Kundu Safety Officer Raw Material Div. Tata Steel.

All the delegates and dignitaries were handed with a booklet-cum-souvenir for the website containing few key points and highlights of the website by NKCPL’s JSR Branch Head & Group President Health & Safety Mr. Sanjiv Kumar Saxena at the program.

The initiative was being very much appreciated and encouraged by VP Iron Making Division Mr. B.K.Das along with others at the program. The initiative has been recognized as First of its kind by any other Vendor Partners (Transportation) of Tata Steel Ltd JSR by the dignitaries.