Aligning itself with the thought of our MD regarding Training of individuals, the management complies to imparting training to each and every individual at work as related to their respective job profile.

Going a step ahead the company has planned to design the entire Training and competency enhancement programme into Learning Management System (LMS) and for the same the company has developed a dedicated NKCPL OHS Training Manual keeping at par with the OSHAS Standards.

Also as a proud service provider to Tata Steel Ltd JSR, the company aligns its entire LMS Procedure in line with Customer Safety Management system (CSMS) a module and Safety Evaluation program launched and started by Tata Steel Ltd JSR.

In the process of LMS, a yearly Training Plan is being developed and the same is followed extensively and dedicatedly through out the year.

Currently the Plan and Program has been initiated at the JSR Branch of the company and the deployment and development of the same throughout all the foot prints of the company are in the pipe line.