Distribution of Rain Coats by Mr. Sudhir Kumar of TSL JSR at PH#3

Organizing Clean Drinking Water Camp at PH#3 TSL JSR by the company for any and every on goers

Distribution of Lemon water and Health Drinks Like Glucon D to all the operational employees deployed at all the On-Site Locations by the company’s JSR Branch

Naresh Kumar & Co. Pvt. Ltd. Makes sure that climate changes and other such natural phenomenon doesn’t effect to the health of its employees as far as practicably possible.Hence it undertakes various activities like distribution of Rain Coats during the Monsoon and distribution of Lemon water and other such health drinks during the scorching Summer to all its operational employees who are deployed in field activities.

Also the company undertakes arranging and organizing camps and canopies within its geographical reach for extending the same to other people also. One such activity was carried out at the Power House#3 Area Tata Steel Ltd, JSR of setting a Drinking Water Camp for any workmen/women within the premises