GPS Tracking Machine being installed on every vehicle in the Driver’s Cabin for any kind of Two-way Communication required directly between the Driver and the GPS Monitoring In charge stationed at every Operational On-Site Locations.

GPS Monitoring In charge being Deployed and Stationed at every on-site Location.

Drivers directly engaging in a Two-Way Communication via the GPS Receiver with the On-Site Monitoring In charge.

Envisaging with one of our proud clients Tata Steel Ltd JSR, in the field of Digitalization of Operational Activities for Transportation & Material Handling, Naresh Kumar & Co. Pvt. Had come out with the concept of GPS Tracking Machine installed in every of its vehicles operating within the premises of Tata Steel Ltd JSR.

The effort has been initiated and been complied on a cent per cent level at the Jamshedpur Branch of the company and further expansion of the same at other locations with similar operations are on the talks at the management level.