Mining Activities
Mining Activities mainly consist of the following:
  • To operate the mine as per the detailed project report and as per the given schedule.
  • To ensure production targets is achieved.
  • To ensure proper safety systems is enforced.
  • To ensure production of correct quality and size of coal at the budgeted cost.
  • To ensure dispatches of mineral to the end users.
  • To ensure that a safe and workable atmosphere is maintained in the locality
Turnkey Mining Jobs
Hindalco Industries Limited has entrusted us with turnkey mining jobs at Amptipani, Kujam I & II and Bagru. In Bishnupur Block, Gumla Dist., Jharkhand. Nearest town Ranchi is 185 Km. away.
The job involves acquisition of land, removal of overburden, mining of Bauxite, sizing, segregating, quality control and transportations at Rail head, a distance of 97 Km. oneway