Established since 1925, the group involved into NKCPL and has a strong legacy that has helped create credibility and value with its clients. The Company’s history has witnessed significant events that are worth chronicling. Some of the milestone events of the Company have been recorded in this section.


NKCPL completed the upgradation of its dewatering plant at West Bokaro.


On 21st September 2022 Mr. Karamvir Kumar becomes as shareholder in NKCPL, being the fourth generation of the Kumar family to join the family business.


On 14th September 2022, Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Naresh Kumar passed away. (Obituary)


NKCPL decides to exit is oldest business vertical of coal supervision services.


Tata Steel Limited extends NKCPL’s contract for coal slurry dewatering at West Bokaro for five years.


NKCPL commissions a state of the art steel stockyard at Amta for Tata Steel Limited costing Rs.195Cr.


Despite the devastating effects of Covid on Indian industry, NKCPL, with the help and support of its clients, bankers, and employees manages to survive and come out stronger in 2021.


NKCPL commissions coal slurry dewatering plant at Jamadoba for Tata Steel Limited on 1st June 2019.

NKCPL was awarded Overall Best Vendor by Tata Steel.

NKCPL received Best Vendor Service Group Award.

NKCPL commissioned 55MT/Hr. Chrome Slurry Dewatering unit at Sukinda for Tata Steel

NKCPL commissioned 240MT/Hr. Dewatering Plant at West Bokaro to handle coal slurry for Tata Steel.
NKCPL total volume of coal and minerals handled exceeds 55MT for FYE2011.
NKCPL and NK& CO. merger approval by Calcutta High Court w.e.f. 1st April 2010.
NKCPL sets up a Mining Division to cater to its clients needs for pre-mining and mining activities.

NKCPL enters into a long term contract for designing and setting up an operation of 1.8 MT per annum coal tailings dewatering unit. This plant was commissioned in October 2011.

NKCPL starts implementation of SAP.
NKCPL continued with its focus on providing services for handling of all raw materials and finished products for clients.

NKCPL awarded jobs of contract mining of bauxite, laterite, dolomite and overburden removal.

NKCPL put focus on the movement of fly ash by bulkers and provided clients with solutions for handling of raw materials and finished products at their plants.
AEPL won the largest washed coal supply contract in India for supply of 2 million tons of washed coal per annum to Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd. In order to execute this, AEPL has set up 3 washeries at different locations in India.
NKCPL joined hands with Aryan Coal Beneficiation Pvt. Ltd. to supply washed coal to its various clients. A joint venture was also set up under the name of Aryan Energy Pvt. Ltd. (AEPL) with a 50-50 partnership, to provide washed coal to Indian consumers.
Mr. Arjun Kumar joined the family business.

Naresh Kumar & Co. Pvt. Ltd. (NKCPL) was formed with a view to amalgamate all the various companies under a single banner. This process was completed in 2001 except for Naresh Kumar & Co. (Partnership firm).

Wellman Wacoma received its first order for building a coal washery for Tata Steel, West Bokaro.

Subsequent orders from ACC, Rajshree Cement and Tata Steel again (3.2 million tons) resulted in the Company setting up over 6 million tons capacity for its clients. Following this by the early 90's the group decided not to develop washeries for clients, but rather build their own washery for catering to clients. Wellman Wacoma operations were stopped and the company was sold in 2006.
The group formed a company, Wellman Wacoma Ltd., for manufacturing coal washeries in India using washing technology from the United Kingdom.
A number of Blue Chip companies in India gave NKC the job of supervision and planning for supplies of coal. The Company's role in addition to supervision was also to identify new sources and to liaise with the railways ensuring timely deliveries. Instead of trying to win over many more new clients, NKC focused on providing its existing clients with additional services into areas other than coal. With this focus NKC took on a number of transportation jobs, contract mining jobs, sale of secondary products, stocking and distribution of finished products like steel and cement, etc. As a result the Company's relationship with its clients grew stronger over the years.
NKC received its first order from Tata Electric Co. Ltd. (Now Tata Power Co. Ltd.) for supervision and co-ordination of coal supplies.
NKC received its first order from ACC for supervision and co-ordination for coal supplies.
NKC received its first order from Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., for supervision and co-ordination of coal supplies.
NKC received an order for supervision and co-ordination of coal supply to Hindustan Lever Ltd.
While continuing his successful tennis career, Mr. Naresh Kumar was also able to focus on the business. Naresh Kumar & Co. (NKC), a partnership firm was established in 1962 to oversee new jobs. NKC received large orders from Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation and Indian Aluminium (now HINDALCO) for supervision and co-ordination of their coal supplies.
Mr. Naresh Kumar joined his father, Mr. G.D.Kumar, in the coal business while also pursuing a career as an international tennis player.
The Kumar family business started in 1925 when Mr. G.D.Kumar took a stake in M/s. Sikri Brothers, a partnership firm in the coal sector. The outfit initially supplied small quantities of soft coke for domestic use and coal for brick kilns. It took time for the business to grow. Mr. G.D.Kumar looked after the East Indian market.