Mr. Arjun Kumar

Managing Director

Having graduated from Cambridge University in 1992, Arjun Kumar joined the family business under the guidance of his father Mr.Naresh Kumar. Starting by setting up coke ovens and coal washeries, within a decade Arjun began to oversee more areas of the company. By 2010 he had amalgamated all group companies into NKCPL. Introducing SAP helped the company prepare for the digital age. He is responsible for conceptualizing and starting the de-watering business. Now with years of experience he is focused on identifying and adopting new technologies which will be the future of the company in the decades to come.

Mr. Sudhir Menon


An Economics (Hons) Graduate from Calcutta University, Sudhir Menon, joined the Kumar Group of Companies in December 1990 as a Junior Officer. He gradually rose through the ranks and was appointed Director on the board of Naresh Kumar & Co Pvt Ltd in the year 2004. During his 32 years of service with the Group he has worked across the different verticals of the Company like Coal Handling, Logistics, Equipment Business, Mining, Port Handling, Dewatering Plant etc. He currently heads the Logistics, Mining & Dewatering business of the Company. He is also actively pursuing New Business Opportunities for the Company.

Mr. Tarun Maniktala


After his graduation Tarun began his career with NKCPL working with the steel vertical of the organization. He started what became Tata Steel's flagship stockyard for all export material. In 1995 he took over operations of the Jamshedpur branch turning it around by bringing in many new jobs like Raw Material Handling, Steel Transportation, Steel Handling, Coke conversion etc. That became the foundation for future businesses. In 2012 moving back to Kolkata he currently heads Logistics, Steel Handling and Material handling business for the organization. In 2021 set up the Amta steel stockyard which was the biggest investment for the
organization with a Capex of 195 crores.