Water is one of the most critical resources in India and is likely to become more valuable in the near future. We believe that that there is a huge opportunity for us to develop and introduce technologies which significantly reduce water consumption for industry.

Having started to look at such opportunities in 2005, we have developed systems that reduce water consumption in mineral washing technologies. Our first such plant for Tata Steel Limited processed coal tailings slurry and was commissioned in November 2011 saving over 6 million tonnes of water per annum. Since then we have setup one plant for chrome fines and another plant for coal slurry. Our plants are designed to receive slurry containing fines of the mineral being washed. Environmental laws no longer permit these slurries to be dumped into ponds as was the tradition. We process these slurries and return industrial quality water as well as a dry cake of the respective ore to the client. In the process huge quantities of water are saved and the client also gets mineral back which can be sold or used.